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  Georgians At Home

Joe, the Footman is talking to Jenkins, the Valet after a long day of work. The footman is heading outside to deliver a letter and he talks about how amazing Bath is and how many people have travelled here for the season. As you leave the museum don’t forget to take a photo with the sedan chair outside the shop door! This is what a lot of rich people would have travelled in to get around the city, carried by two very strong servants.

  Jane Austen

Have a look at the panels to discover even more places in Bath to explore that are in Jane Austen’s books, can you find them all? Why not take a promenade along the Royal Crescent just like people did 200 years ago and imagine who might have lived in these houses!

  Explore an Object: Servants Hall rules

These rules told the servants how to behave. If they broke a rule they were fined. Can you tell which was the most expensive rule to break? Do you have any rules at home?

  Find this object. What was this object used for?

This is a clay smoking pipe. A pipe is a bit like a cigarette, used for smoking tobacco. Smoking has been popular for a very long time, but we now have a better understanding of the dangers of smoking tobacco.

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